The Highlands- For Two -£200

The Highlands and Islands may seem a long way off for people below Liverpool. What strange people they must be, living in minus temperatures and surviving merely on drams, hot toddies and Scots Porridge Oats.  But look closer and you’ll see that if you haven’t stepped foot past the Angel of The North – you’ve been missing out.

A trip to Scotland makes a great Christmas gift –so – if it’s getting close to Christmas and you haven’t bought your parents, grandparents or girlfriend a gift – this automatically, online booked, e-delivered and confirmed booking will make your heart sing like a bagpipe. And if you were considering cheap socks and bath salts – then stop! If they looked after you when you were drawing on walls, married you, or didn’t tell your parents about ‘that’ incident back in 1999- then don’t you think they deserve a weekend away?

On the menu:

A stay in a beautiful hotel facing Ben Lomond for 1 night for two – £139

  • AA pub of the Year 2009/2010
  • Winner of a gold medal for bar food at the Scottish Hotel Award 2010
  • Mr.Co’s Fish and Whisky restaurant offers  West Coast fish teas and Buccleuch steaks and burgers
  • 250 whiskies, 30 wines, by the glass, and a quality choice of real ales
  • Traditional live folk music at weekends

A trip wakeboarding for two in Loch Lomond for two – £57.98


  • Trip to a distillery
  • Trip around the Cashel Millenium 800 acre forest
  • A cycle around Ben Lomond
  • Trip to choose your tartan!
  • A trip on the Paddle steam boat around Loch Lomond

Saturday Am – Early doors – Check in at The Inn at Inverbeg – £139 per night

Just have a look at these pictures. I’ve even booked myself in for a weekend. Slick bathtubs, 4 posters, fish and chips, whiskey and a big roaring fire- if this isn’t a good present, then I’m not sure what is!

For £139 a night you have views over Loch or hillside. Warm and cosy, the rooms are fitted with hand crafted walnut furniture and rich fabrics- scrumptious. Or if your boss agrees that holiday bonus, as they say in America, then shell out for £149 per night – all these rooms face towards Ben Lomond. Ben Lomond is on the east side of Loch Lomond, which is 3000ft high!

Click here to book the Inn at Inverbeg!
Saturday plans- Inform your guest they will be walking Ben Lomond. (With the aforementioned part about it being 300ft high this should cause some interesting squawks of disapproval, or, if they are very cool indeed, will see them strapping on their crampons.)

In reality, you can walk around in, cycle around the Lomon ( if you start at Rowardennan, although this isn’t for the easily swayed by heights or steep drops!) or the day could be spent exploring. Saturday could see you enjoying the Cashel Millenium Forest with 800 acres of woodland this is a great walk and very romantic! If the female of the species has anything to do with the weekend then shopping will be crucial. We really recommend a trip to get kitted out at Totally Tartan kilt makers.

After this, kitted in tartan, swathed in the pine tree scent from your walk and laden down with bags, we suggest a trip to the restaurant to collapse in front of fish and chips before staggering cross to the fire for a boozy nightcap.
Then to bed!


Yesterday was all about shopping and walking. Today; it’s time for a dram or two. Head to the Glengoyne distillery tour to enjoy, ahem, learning about whiskey. One of you will be the designated driver- unless you have planned ahead and got a train up!
With one of you comically unsteady on your feet you can head to the side of Loch Lomond shore in Balloch for a trip on the Maid Loch, a paddle steamer.

If you prefer to be in water that bobbing on it in a paddle steamer, then a day of wakeboarding for two will be perfect. Glide along the water, be taught all the skills before your arms give out!

So there you have it. A luxury holiday break in the UK for your nearest and dearest- all bookable from goactivities.

To book this package- simply head to OR click for wakeboarding and click the dates you would like to book the Inn for – and checkout!

It’s as simple as that. You will receive immediate, printable or forward-able confirmation in your email.

Let us know if you book it!


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