Feeling Festive – And Refreshed with GO Activities

Christmas hasn’t even passed but we bet some of you are feeling stodgier than your grandma’s unique Christmas pudding. Boozing, polishing off layers of chocs and all the trimmings can mean you reach January needing a bit of refreshment – or maybe you want to make to make this Christmas a bit healthier!

GO Activities are happy to help. Because we offer outdoor activities all year around we know precisely what would be a great idea for throwing off the cobwebs.

Places Free From January 21st – 2 day beginner caving weekend

This 2 day beginner caving day  will help you take your first steps underground!  This 2 day course is, fun, carefully organised, informative and conducted by highly experienced nationally qualified instructors.

Learn about the cave, its geology and the 300 million years it took to create it. Pick up tips on how to move underground efficiently, maybe try your hand at wet sections, muddy bits or squeezes – and they promise you wont get stuck!!

You can see underground rivers and waterfalls, fascinating pieces of geology, cave decorations or historical sites of past of times and ancient techniques. A wonderful environment that can be made as challenging as you wish. A full day of exploration, adventure and understanding. May include minor climbs/Scrambles.

Places Free From December 19th onwards Archery in The Lakes.

This day will introduce you to this competitive sport, where you can find out who has a steady hand and keen eye and the ability to hit gold!  The session will start with how to safely use the equipment and when to retrieve arrows, then it will be over to you to have a go, with  instructors on hand to help you get the most out of the session.

The courses are run outdoors in a Lake District Farmer’s field.

Are you the next Robin Hood? Or are you going to be the next Olympic Champion?

Places Free From December 19th onwards Canoeing in The Lakes


With this half day canoe tour you will learn basic paddling skills and techniques.  Journey into the quiet bays around the lake shores, visit the islands, stop for a warm drink and munch on a snack whilst enjoying an unobstructed panoramic view of breathtaking scenery from the water.  Then play some water games before we head back!

This session is great for families, groups and complete beginners and suits every one of all ages. You will discover for yourself the places of interest, wildlife, history and geology that have helped shape these undeniably special locations.

Places Free From January 8th – Bushcraft in Somerset

We’re sure many of you have watched in fascination as Ray Mears or Bear Grylls build shelters and light fires with a ease that to many is infuriating!  This course offers you the chance of learning those skills for yourself. The chance to connect with our inner cave man (or woman), to harness those skills we think are long forgotten like lighting a fire without a gallon of petrol, building a shelter and more!

Places From The 26th December- Kids climbing course in Sheffield

This climbing session is designed for complete beginners or children who wish to attend on regular basis.  It includes all the necessary safety equipment and qualified instructors. Instructors will normally instruct on a 1:6 ratio so that means lots of climbing! It also includes a cold drink and biscuit yum.

Children can also use this session to work through The National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme NICAS.


So there are just a few ideas for you and the rest of the family this festive season!

How do you usually stretch your legs around this time of year?

Do you fancy caving, archery, bushcraft skills, canoeing or climbing?

Tell us below!


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