Tough Mudder 2012

Bored by running? Want a group event that gets your heart racing and the blood pumping? Look no further than Tough Mudder. The ads for this have been hanging around on Facebook’s ads on my page for about a year, but it was only today I became intrigued. On one half it reminded me of our activity centre days– high ropes, canoeing, swimming and climbing all rolled into one. Then I noticed the nettle net and the ‘Turd’s nest’.  The conclusion I drew was- this is no standard activity day!

12 miles of obstacles, this is no normal muddy race. Designed by the Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie this is an event that is all about team spirit and fun. You don’t go in to win, you go in with the mindset of fun. You can’t even compete it solo- you need a team to haul you through.

And just what they haul you through as well!

Greased up monkey bars. Icy rivers. Steep, imposing walls. Hay bales. A net of nettles for you to crawl belly through.
And more. Clue- it involves ‘waste matter’. I’ll spare the rest for all you lunch eaters reading.
If you want to compete it’s about £80 a ticket or you can compete for charity (Help For Heroes is their charity of choice.)

You can also watch for £10, prebooked, or volunteer.

So, who’s in for Tough Mudder 2012? If you  want to compete and need a warm up before the day – try a climbing course, activity day or get used to icy water in the water rapids at !


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