Top 5 Things To Wear Biking

We asked the office what to wear biking and we got a response from Mike Sandserson. As you can see from the picture of him below- he knows what to wear when he’s out biking. So here’s his knowledge compacted into a handy top 5!

1. Don’t Wear Cold Cotton!
T-Shirts are great for the post ride beer, but as for riding in a t-shirt in the cold they can be dangerous. Cotton acts as a sponge soaking up sweat, but it does not release it, so your skin and the t-shirt never dries and can ultimately lead to hypothermia. T-shirts will also stop any expensive or technical jacket from working properly.

Instead of a T-shirt wear a breathable layer, there are loads to choose from varying in thickness depending on how cold it is on your ride. The base layer does a great job of wicking speat away from your body and they dry very fast.

2. Mid Layer:
Here you can tailor the jersey to suit the conditions, its main purpose is to work with your base layer and to offer you choice whilst on the ride (too hot- take it off, too cold zip it up etc)

3. Tights and Shorts

Try adding a pair of tights or ¾ length tights under your baggy shorts, this make life so much warmer and keep your calves warmer so less likely to get cramp. On wet days waterproof over shorts or trousers are good bets.

4. Head, feet and hands need care

We all lose a massive amount of heat through our heads, try using a skull cap or a buff under your helmet to help fight this; they also keep your ears warmer!
Winter gloves are a must for cold weather riding, but if your strapped for cash or you’ve forgotten them, try putting a pair of latex work shop gloves under your summer riding gloves, these provide a wind proof and waterproof barrier for your hands (things can get sweaty though). Over shoes will provide and enormous amount of comfort on cold days

5. Waterproof socks!

Great for the cold days, a bit costly – these will be a purchase you won’t forget or regret!

Happy Riding!


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