Tips for New Canoers and Kayakers

Jenny Dennis from GO Outdoors is a keen canoer and kayaker as well as the resident video star of GO Outdoors Online, and someone who regularly heads out to the water.

We asked her to 5 tips for getting started with canoeing or kayaking.

1. Be Safe!

Always wear a buoyancy aid, go out in a group and always tell someone where you’re going. You never know when you might need help.

2. Do your research

You’ll need to find out where you can launch your boat or even IF you can as certain sections of waterways are closed according to the fishing seasons.
You should check the water levels as well, if the area is tidal, you’ll want to time your trip right in order to catch the tides. The same if you’re paddling a river as some parts may be inaccessible if the water levels drop too low.

3. Put everything you’ll need in dry-bags

You never know if you’ll get wet and there’s nothing worse than soggy sandwiches.

4. Take an extra layer

You’ll be working hard so being able to put on an extra layer when stopping for lunch or a cup of tea will keep you nice and toasty and stop you from getting chilled.

5. Have Fun!

To quote a very famous water rat;

“There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Canoeing or kayaking is great fun, Britain has some of the most spectacular waterways and scenery to accompany them so what better way to explore them then floating along with a few good friends!

The websites I really rate are

To get all the information you need.

Have fun in the water!


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