Wisdom Wednesday – Biking Q and A

Every Wednesday we take to Twitter and Facebook to get your questions answered on a weekly topic. Here are the Questions and Answers on- BIKING.

Ross Butterworth- How do I get my bike abroad?.. (Self made biking holiday!)

GO Activities- “Most airlines have an add on charge for bring sports equipment, look into this with your airline and make a note of the weight and the weight of your bike. Once you have this either buy a designed bike carry case or pop into your local bike shop/dept and ask for an old bike box, then disassemble your bike to fit in this box. Make sure its padded and protected sufficiently as it may get damaged otherwise.

I also put in my pads/body armour/cycle clothing in to pad out the bike! Have a great time!”

DirtBike13 from Twitter- “What’s the best way to stop disc brake squeal?”

GO Activities -“You need to make sure the pads and Rotor are not contaminated, use some car/motorbike disc brake cleaner on the pads (remove from calliper) and the rotor, wipe with a clean lint free rag/cloth and repeat a couple of times allowing time to dry between. The pads may have “glazed” so use some 220-grit sand paper to rough up the surface, do this also on the braking surface of the rotor (its easiest to remove the rotor from the wheel for this).

Once this is all done and reassembled onto the bike you need to “bed” the brakes in – this is where the pad leaves a small trace of the compound on the rotor enabling it grip and slow better. To do this you need to ride the bike around 20mph and slow the bike down using the brake you are bedding in to a complete stop as fast as you can without skidding (be careful not to crash etc) this needs to be done around 15-20 times.

Squeaking should stop!”

Ross Butterworth -Can I easily upgrade my deore hydraulic disc brakes so that they have bigger discs? … Without spending a fortune!

GO Activities – “Yes you can upgrade your Deore disc brakes, you will need to decide what size disc rotors you want, but make sure your forks and frame will accommodate the size you choose – you can find this info from the fork/bike manufacturer’s website. Then you will also need to buy new brake adapters, these are not very expensive and if you shop around for rotors you can get a good deal – Quad Pulse rotors (which Go sell) are a good option. 🙂 ”

 Twitter from TookieBunten Are fat bikes any good for uk/Scotland?”

GO Activities- “If it’s the Fat bikes I’m think of (Snow bikes), then you could get away with riding these bikes in the UK and Scotland but if there is no snow they would be fun but not easy going, probably best to stick to a “normal” MTB”

Andy Achillis Johnson -Would xt shifters work with SRAM xo mech ?

GO Activities- ” Hi Andy, no Shimano XT shifters will not work with SRAM XO Mechs, SRAM and Shimano have very different shift/cable ratio’s. The Mechs and Shifters will need to be from the same manufacturer but not necessarily from the same group (as long as they are the same speed for example 9speed or 10speed)”

Andy Achillis Johnson -What tyres would you recommend for a kenisis maxlight full xt groupset to race on ( 24 hr events )

GO Activities -“Hi Andy, this really depends on the conditions at the race, but as a general rule I would look for a fast rolling tyre that is light weight but does have good sidewall protection against pinch flats as you don’t want to be changing tubes every lap or in the dark. Tyres are a very personal thing so do some online research for the type of characteristics you are looking for.”

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