10 Easter Ideas For Bored Kids

If Easter has come around sooner than expected, don’t worry. The weather is mostly nice, but more importantly, there are plenty of outdoor activities that kids can get involved in safely.


1. Easter egg hunts – Via Geocache

Mark down a location’s co-ordinates using Google and hide an egg there. Allow your kids, under supervision to use your smart phone or GPS device to locate the easter eggs, teaching them about navigation- and resulting in them being a bit worn out (until they consume the chocolate.)

2. Archery

If you want your kids to learn a great skill and for them to have some fun as well, then an archery course is an ideal day out. Get kids trying their hand at Robin Hood skills with a bow and arrow, with expert guidance from a tutor who can help them perfect their aim.

3. Swimming

Swimming pools are brilliant for kids who need to get rid of their energy and to cool down in the hot sun. Why don’t you check your local council’s website to find your nearest pool, and even book in for lessons if your children haven’t learnt yet.

4. Zorbing

If your kids are old enough and deserve a treat, then they will be thrilled with zorbing or water walking. This fantastic sport can help them with balance on the water, but really, it’s just a bit of fun!

5. Multi Activity Days/ Activity Centres

For young and old kids in the same family, choosing activities can be hard. We love Activity centres at GO Activities because they can offer something for mum, Dad, and kids alike. With high ropes swings, zip lines and more, these multi activity courses can also offer quad biking, clay pigeon shooting or kayaking, dependent on location.

6. Indoor Climbing

If the sun stops shining, rain needn’t stop play with a day on an indoor climbing wall. Book in and an instructor can show your kids the ropes, literally, so they can tire themselves out and have a really good go at climbing or bouldering.

7. Ball Games

If you have a local park, there’s nothing better than a few ball games, a picnic and a walk around the local area. Go online to see local walks around you – you can even grab the kid’s bikes and take them that way. Don’t forget a pocket full of change for the ice cream van!

8. The cinema
If it’s a hot day, there’s always the advantage that the cinema is usually air conditioned, and emty! Check online for rates for kids in the holidays and see if you can get a bargain on the latest blockbuster.

9. Camping

Head to one of the national parks if you have spare time and settle down for an evening of camping. Kids love the novelty and you can enjoy some quality time together roasting marshmallows by the fire and reading stories!

10. Fishing

If the kids are still after something to do- why not consider fishing? This is a step up from crabbing that most young kids do, and if theyare old enough to listen, sit still and enjoy learning, this can be a really interesting day. As an added bonus, if they are very good, you get a free dinner!


Those Summer Nights – 5 Ways to Spend Them

Summer nights. (Oh well oh well oh well oh well oh..Ooh!) Sorry. Grease references are all over, we promise. As the clocks are ‘springing forward’ as opposed to ‘fall-ing backwards’ (top tip for remembering) you miss out on the morning lie in but you do get a lighter, longer evening. Here’s how to make the most of those longer nights. 

You might rush from work and consider a nice refreshing beverage, but hold off and do something first. You might even find your pockets are heavier with some cheaper, more memorable experiences out of the pub.

1. Star gazing. Get settled near your highest point (sorry, Norfolk) and grab a bottle and a picnic. Wait for the sun to set and then spot the constellations. Take a book with you so you have some to guide you as you look and enjoy the evening in a peaceful serenity under the stars! (Men, this is also an ideal way to propose. Just sayin’.)

2. A guided walk. Many of the companies we work with do evening walks so you can explore the hills in the darkness in safety. A trained instructor who knows the route can show you where to walk and some great sights. A brilliant way to spend an evening.

3. Go climbing. If you don’t know how, get a beginners lesson. They will show you how to attach yourself safely and how to climb up and descend, building your confidence. If you are already a climber, and advanced course could teach you how to lead climb, or recue climbing skills.

4. Take a flight. Be it a hot air balloon, or the cheaper and just as fun microlighting, a trip into the skies is something worth booking for those longer, lighter evenings!

5. Go biking. A dusky mountain bike ride is peaceful, but will still rev you up with those downhill, screamingly fast descents! Get a guided MTB lesson to show you extra skills your parents never taught you- or go it alone or with the family for a feeling of ‘time well spent’.

Abandon the TV and think outside the box as the clocks go forward, you won’t regret it! Have you had any memorable nights away from the TV in the great outdoors? Image



Activity Ideas for Spring 2012

The weather’s getting warmer and you can see the positive change in people (of course, there are always those people who predict snow storms, blizzards or extreme disasters, but we will be ignoring those types, for now.)

So Easter is coming up, spring is here and soon the kids (or your other half) will be wanting to do something with their time off.

So here’s your quick guide to getting the most out of Spring this 2012!

Quad Biking

Picture the scene. The birds tweep gently in the trees. The sun peers over the forest, peaking in the sky and casting beautiful shadows on the ground, whilst warming your face. You notice NOTHING of this as you ride, 2 abreast at top speeds with your closest family members behind you, in a fit of competitiveness on a Quad Bike.

Quad biking isn’t a good time to spend a weekend or spring day. It’s a great way! Get the right day for the squeamish and the mud has dried up, or get the better day and you will have deceptive crusts on the mud, allowing surprise as you plough ‘over’ the mud only to be drenched. Brilliant fun.

See all GO Activities’ Quad Biking Experiences

Guided Walks

If you always walk the same haunts and want something new, we can’t recommend anything better than a guided walk even close to home. Walk next to a guide who spends their day walking (I know jealous?) whilst picking up their information, helpful hints and route planning ideas so you can do it all yourself. (A bit like copying the hairdresser at home, albeit with more success.)

See all GO Activities’ Guided Walks


If you’re lucky enough to live near a coast then and despite being au fait with seagulls pinching your ice cream, you may not have ever been surfing! We implore you to. Surely this is like being in the capital and never having been into a franchised coffee outlet?

Our surfing days are designed for beginners but have the benefit of being useful for those with a little more experienced, so you can take a huge group of friends and all have a relevant, fun day out. Even kids can get involved at surf school with the help of a boogie board!

See all GO Activities’ Surfing Days


If you want a day out but find walking dull or don’t want to do anything too traditional (bump into Mum and Dad? No thanks!) then get yourself out paintballing. A great spend of an evening, afternoon or a weekend, paintballing is seriously addictive and fantastic for anyone who fanices a bit of competitive spirit!

See all GO Activities’ Paintballing Days

Land yachting

A strange but beautiful sport. Land yachting involves using the spirit of the wind on the sails associated with the yacht to make a sort of lie down bike, powered by said wind. You can control the wind’s power on the sails, making the ride fast and furious or smooth sailing. A brilliant day out.

See all GO Activities’ land yachting days 

What do you usually do over the Easter time off?

London Stag Do Under £100 Per Person



10am –Start the day with a spot of laser combat very close to Pall Mall in central London. This indoor arena will ensure you have a fantastic day, using the very best state of the art laser technology, lighting and surround sound effects all in a futuristic war zone battle between the Federation Troopers and Alliance Commandos.


At just £25 per person for an hour, this is a brilliant value activity for the price of 2 or 3 upmarket London priced beers.

12pm- Head to the North of London on the train or via car (3 minutes from the M25, Enfield Junction) for some zorbing in London ( after a quick lunch break.)


Get the stag inside this 6 foot inflatable ball and watch as he screams in terror / happiness at being rolled down a hill, harnessed or not! At £35 per person this is a brilliant idea for a day out.
After that get yourself off to central London, stopping in Hillspring Lodge.



This is a hostel in London, yes, but don’t let the horror films put you off. This has a fully licensed bar and restaurant, free wireless internet and breakfast, lush green surroundings and it is also conveniently located just 17 minutes from the centre of London by tube with easy access to the Underground and London Bus Routes, 3 stops away from Wembley Park! A brilliant place to stay that’s ideal for a group of stags. (See the cow print theme). The rooms start from £15 a person and you can fit a stag party of 22 in there too! Brilliant stuff if you want cheap and cheerful all whilst in London!

The total to now is £75, so you still have £25 to spend to make up your budget of just under £100.
We recommend a nightclub, a pub or a bar – or in fact, taking just a squeak over £100 to cover ‘essentials’ – by which we mean shots of tequila.

Happy Stagging!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers. Some have ‘em. And if you love your mum like we love ours (ahh) then you will want to treat her. We know the problems though. Life gets in the way. Your car tax is due, you need to do the shopping and you have an ‘issue’ with the plumbing. Poor old mum gets relegated behind the leaky loo and the government’s legal stealing of your hard earned.

Sunday rolls around and you leave to meet her in 30 minutes. You have two choices.

a) Petrol station flowers, limp and flaccid and a sorry ‘thanks’ for looking after you for the past few decades.
b) A GO Activities gift voucher. This is an ideal (and the better) choice. Simply click, buy and print the voucher. Jam it in a card, or make one (mums love DIY gifts) and then you are good to go.

So what do GO Activities offer the Mums of the UK?

Treat mum to a bit of R and R this Mothers day with GO Activities!

Well, everything! Read on, kind son’s and daughters!

Knitting Classes

We have a course that can show mums how to knit a bag. Applying sequins and handles in the beauty of the Peak District you will be giving her a skill that can run to the future. So when your mum is the next Lulu Guiness (aka Top Bag Designer, to the uninformed) you can say ‘I had a part in that!’

Cost: £109 per Mum

See our ‘Bag Knitting’ Class here

Guided Walks

How about a guided walk as well? We have plenty of guided walks in the UK, but one we think most mums will love are the walks around Hadrian’s Wall.
The wall is very long indeed, but a great path to take starts from Newcastle, where you can even treat your mum to a nice night out or hotel the day before.

Cost: From just £15

See All Hadrian’s Wall Trips Here
A hotel trip away

What mum wouldn’t like a relaxing break with (or away from) her other half? GO Activities sells a range of accommodation so you can book her in to a local tavern, a faraway castle, an inn, a B and B…The list goes on!

Search for accommodation from the tab on the homepage

Cost: From around £25

A spa day

An oldie but a classic. We offer a variety of spa days, so you can choose between the full shebang (massages, facials and more) or just a simple mani/pedi. A brilliant relaxing day for any mum, a spa day is always a well received gift!

See our spa days here

Cost: From £54.99

There you have it. A few great ideas for your Mum, and all delivered into your email in minutes. Brilliant.