GO Activities’ Bungee!

A bungee jump, as you may know is a ‘bucket list activity’- something people really want to do but don’t have the money, time or resources to book.

The scenic lake side jump in Tamworth

Or so I thought.

Because as soon as we had one booked with UK bungee for a 160ft crane jump over a lake, to be precise, we couldn’t find many of the people who would do it.

“Don’t envy you mate” or “watch your eyeballs don’t bulge!” or “don’t wear light coloured trousers- haha!” came out a few times. (That last one was my Dad. Charmer.)

There were also plenty of people saying that they would wait until they were in NZ/Australia/Dubai to do a jump. Not now though. Oh no.  Undeterred we wanted to get a slice of the action and UK Bungee where happy to oblige us.


The 160ft crane!

Our budding volunteer was Tom Keep, 26, a software developer who has been known on occasion to say ‘I’d love to do that’ on sight of the towering bungee crane. So, presented with a voucher to noises of ‘Well… I actually meant in New Zealand…” – the countdown began.

On the day it was a case of small meals according to James Field, operational manager of UK Bungee.

“Just eat as if you are doing any other sporting event.” An all day brunch it was. Still, what with the weighing, the harness checks and others safety measures, there was plenty of digesting time, best spent watching other leapers!


Our brave volunteer is all smiles!

I exclaimed to the UK bungee staff that everyone seemed very keen to do it.

“Oh you just missed one girl who kept leaning out, but then back again. She did it 12 times and then tried to grab back onto the cage as she fell.” Did she catch it? “No!”

In our time waiting, with Tom’s weight in kg scrawled on his hand (weight conscious women beware!) and his legs shackled in the ankle harness we saw more jumpers, including another woman who decided to ‘grab on’. Oh dear. With a bashed head and a mild headache she needed a little attendance- and then it was Tom’s turn! ‘No clinging on!’ I shouted!

Hopping into the cage he was quickly propelled 160ft by the crane driver who has a very unusual job!

As I watched Tom disappear I could only wait for the gate to open. So- over to Tom on how the bungee itself was!



“You’re quite happy really. You hop in to the cage and that’s fine, and you head up – no problems. Then I was chatting to the guy about where we lived and then suddenly the crane had stopped. He said ‘right, we’re going to have a quick, easy jump, no messing about. I’m going to say 3, 2 , 1 bungee and then off you go, Right?’ And then they opened the gate and I was stood on the ledge. That’s when you look around. You can see how high it really is.”

Where you scared?

“Yeah, definitely. Pretty high on the fear scale!”

And then you jumped?

“Yeah. Think a little swear word popped out. And that was it! I just spread my arms and just did it. It takes some bullying of yourself to leap off!  It felt exhilarating. Really amazing. There isn’t any of the kick back either so that is great, just feels like a gentle bouncing even though it looks painful!”

The leap of faith!

Would you do it again?

“Definitely, 300ft next time!”

And what about as part of a couple?

“I don’t want someone screaming in my ear! No thanks!”

(A couple did strap in together- see below!)





A couple strap together for a tandem leap!

So there we have a it. A bungee jump – terrifying, exhilarating, and all over in about 3 seconds.

Are you game?

What would you choose?

A backwards leap?

A forwards fall?

Lovers leap?

Or a solo dive?

Let us know!

You can watch Tom’s jump here!