Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers. Some have ‘em. And if you love your mum like we love ours (ahh) then you will want to treat her. We know the problems though. Life gets in the way. Your car tax is due, you need to do the shopping and you have an ‘issue’ with the plumbing. Poor old mum gets relegated behind the leaky loo and the government’s legal stealing of your hard earned.

Sunday rolls around and you leave to meet her in 30 minutes. You have two choices.

a) Petrol station flowers, limp and flaccid and a sorry ‘thanks’ for looking after you for the past few decades.
b) A GO Activities gift voucher. This is an ideal (and the better) choice. Simply click, buy and print the voucher. Jam it in a card, or make one (mums love DIY gifts) and then you are good to go.

So what do GO Activities offer the Mums of the UK?

Treat mum to a bit of R and R this Mothers day with GO Activities!

Well, everything! Read on, kind son’s and daughters!

Knitting Classes

We have a course that can show mums how to knit a bag. Applying sequins and handles in the beauty of the Peak District you will be giving her a skill that can run to the future. So when your mum is the next Lulu Guiness (aka Top Bag Designer, to the uninformed) you can say ‘I had a part in that!’

Cost: £109 per Mum

See our ‘Bag Knitting’ Class here

Guided Walks

How about a guided walk as well? We have plenty of guided walks in the UK, but one we think most mums will love are the walks around Hadrian’s Wall.
The wall is very long indeed, but a great path to take starts from Newcastle, where you can even treat your mum to a nice night out or hotel the day before.

Cost: From just £15

See All Hadrian’s Wall Trips Here
A hotel trip away

What mum wouldn’t like a relaxing break with (or away from) her other half? GO Activities sells a range of accommodation so you can book her in to a local tavern, a faraway castle, an inn, a B and B…The list goes on!

Search for accommodation from the tab on the homepage

Cost: From around £25

A spa day

An oldie but a classic. We offer a variety of spa days, so you can choose between the full shebang (massages, facials and more) or just a simple mani/pedi. A brilliant relaxing day for any mum, a spa day is always a well received gift!

See our spa days here

Cost: From £54.99

There you have it. A few great ideas for your Mum, and all delivered into your email in minutes. Brilliant.




Top 5 walks in the North East of England

If you’re a keen walker or just out for a ramble, then look no further than these beautiful places to go in the North East sent to us by the keen walkers at Status Digital in Newcastle.

Hadrian’s Wall

You can walk the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall along the 84 mile National Trail – however, there are many shorter routes that allow you to enjoy a sample of Hadrian’s Wall in a day. One of the best sections can be walked from Steel Rigg in a circular route up to Hotbank Farm then back along the wall and two of its milecastles.

Hadrians Wall

Hadrians Wall

You may well recognise many of the views as this is one of the most photographed stretch of the wall – including Crag Lough and the Sycamore Gap (famous from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves!) – so be sure to take your camera.


College Valley

Northumberland Coast

Blow the cobwebs away with a walk up the Northumberland Coast for stunning coastline and beautiful castles. Walking from Craster down to Howick Hall and back up the coast is a fairly flat route, and combines farmland on the way down with rugged coastline on the way back up. There’s even a secluded little beach about half way round which is perfect for a lunch stop. If you fancy a drink afterwards head up to The Ship at Low Newton by the Sea slightly further up the coast. Their beer is brewed in a microbrewery just next to the pub.



This varied walk sums up all the fabulous things Swaledale has to offer – valley greenery, steep hillsides, and moor tops together with the lead mining history which has shaped the landscape so dramatically. Set off from the village of Gunnerside up Gunnerside Ghyll, starting along the river then gradually making your way higher up the valley.



Scramble up Bunton Hush, a remnant of an old lead mining practice, then stride over the moor tops. The route comes down past Old Gang Smelt Mill, over Surrender Bridge before looping back round to Gunnerside. Classic Swaledale.

Collage Valley

Collage Valley

Durham Dales

This area is great for a real feeling of being away from it all. It’s very quiet and peaceful and seems virtually untrodden in places, so much so that you might find yourself relying on a map and compass on occasion. A favourite is walking from Rookhope near Stanhope, finding your way across the expansive moorland, exploring the old mining sites and ending up at The Rookhope Inn for an ale and a pie.

Craster Walk

Craster Walk

The Cheviot

The jewel of Northumberland, this 2,674 ft (815 m) high, flat-topped mound can be reached via several stunning routes through the Cheviot Hills. Most notably College Valley, for it’s very picturesque, typically Northumbrian landscape. There are a number of routes to the summit, varying in gradient but the top of the hill is virtually flat for quite a long way before you reach the summit. Depending on the weather, this tends to mean the top is mostly occupied by fairly a treacherous peat bog, but there are some good stone paths through most of it.

The Cheviot

The Cheviot

Christmas Present Ideas

Santa Claus has it alright doesn’t he? Fuelled by Kit Kats and Coca Cola he compacts a year’s worth of work into one night, making him the ultimate flexi time worker.

The best way of ensuring St Nick doesn’t get bogged down is to have a clear list of what you want. However, some adults aren’t as thoughtful as they used to be and leave you to buy gifts unaided- with cries of ‘oh, I’m sure whatever you get I will love!’ A likely tale, as you discovered that year you got them that foot lotion set and saw their face plummet lower than the mercury. But November is coming to an end and it’s time to crack on. So scrap the gift boxes and the ‘humorous’ socks, pick an experience or activity this year that they are sure to love and remember. You can find and browse on or you can click on the direct links. Easy.

Christmas presents for the family with young children

Families are usually a tricky set of customers, requiring multiple gifts (toys for the kids, something for the mum and dad- too much.)

You can skip the pain of multiple shopping with a family day out. Why not try a High Ropes Course for a family, a day out learning bushcraft skills, a day on a kayak or canoe or a day of archery, karting or clay pigeon shooting?

The reclusive uncle

He’s been a bit down ever since he lost that winning lottery ticket last year. Turn that frown upside down and get him meeting people with a walking holiday. Get him booked on for a long trek, the 3 peaks challenge or a cycling tour and watch as he comes back out of his shell, or hand him an axe for an ‘axe workshop’ day to get that stress out!

Christmas gifts for teenagers and big kids

What better way to get some of that heavy body spray off a teenager or to get a big kid grinning than by getting them dispatched from a plane on a skydive, a parachute jump or a day of skiing?

Presents for your step dad and step mum

A holiday is in order for the stepdad and step mums of the world. Show your affection for them in the crazy world of step brothers, half sisters and multiple divorces by paying for an overnight stay for them both in the woods on a guided walk away or a day spa trip. 

For the outdoorsy couple

You can’t pay for them to jet off anywhere fancy, but what about a session of zorbing – they can even go in as a tandem together!

For your fashionable sister

If your sister wouldn’t be seen dead in a canoe and thinks that quad biking is against the laws of style, then the only way to travel is by hot air balloon.

Otherwise, why not choose a spa day or send her to a fabric spinning course to learn about the fashion industry from the bottom up (she’ll be weaving you scarves in no time….)

For your trendy brother

He’s got his The North Face gilet and his boots, now get them put to the test. Why not book a weekend away learning bushcraft and navigation skills, or bring on that suppressed sibling rivalry again with quad biking or go karting!

For the gap year student

She’s heading off on the adventure of a lifetime next summer with some A-levels and a conditional offer to Dartmoor. Make sure she has a great time by booking some scuba diving courses before she goes!

For the kids

Most kids love animals. Why not go otter spotting, bird watching or on an Autumn forage? Or if you’re forseeing chaos over Christmas, you can always let them pump out that E number stocking fodder energy with a day of clay pigeon shooting!

For your mum

If your mum is the John Lewis type (happy to browse homewares for multiple days without any sustenance) then you need to look into booking her on a weaving, photography or pottery course.

If she puts your Dad to shame with her bicep curls and tricep dips at cardio combat classes, then why not get her on an activity day or high ropes course with her friends? And finally, if she’s always pranging the Audi when she reverses it- get her up to speed with a day of 4 x 4 driving lessons in the mud!

For your dad

What man wouldn’t love the idea of chartering a crew for a boat? Whatever you can get, from a canoe experience or a  trip on a kayak or a day on a dinghy, let Dad be king of the waters on a boating holiday!

For your loved one

To show your love, what could be better than a walking weekend away? Book some lovely accommodation, get exhausted from your day out of walking and then book your lady in for spa day – or your man in for some bushcraft and foraging skills for some ‘me Tarzan, you Jane’ style romance.

For your mad aunt

She wears bindis after that trip to India and has a wardrobe of floaty multicoloured things. Appeal to her sense of adventure with a trip to enjoy segways, or get her zorbing, climbing or the more gentle leisure cycling

Your grandma and grandad

Grannies and grandpas aren’t as old as they used to be. If yours have plenty of get up and go, then book them in for a guided walk around some of the UK’s most beautiful hotspots. From parts of Hadrian’s wall to walks near the Lakes and beyond, spoil her with a trip full of likeminded people.

Check that the walk is suited to their fitness and includes some nice accommodation or pack them an air bed– they didn’t work for 50 years to have to sleep on a hard mattress! If they are up for even more adrenaline, then consider an aeroplane flight – where they get to control the machine! Chocks away!

Christmas presents for your friends

Get the lads together for a day of indoor paintballing (or outdoor paintballing), lazer shooting or tank driving. Still not adrenaline fuelled enough? Try a monster truck driving day. For the ladies, we can recommend a spa day, a day of surfing on the beach, or a trip camping to catch up together.

Christmas team building for the colleagues

If you’re lucky enough to be a manager then we know what your staff want. A pay rise. Failing that, a day of raft building, archery, or team canoeing will be far better than a yawn inducing trust exercises. Be the good boss!

Marketing waited patiently for the chance to sink their MD- and thanks to raft building it was all completely legal.