Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers. Some have ‘em. And if you love your mum like we love ours (ahh) then you will want to treat her. We know the problems though. Life gets in the way. Your car tax is due, you need to do the shopping and you have an ‘issue’ with the plumbing. Poor old mum gets relegated behind the leaky loo and the government’s legal stealing of your hard earned.

Sunday rolls around and you leave to meet her in 30 minutes. You have two choices.

a) Petrol station flowers, limp and flaccid and a sorry ‘thanks’ for looking after you for the past few decades.
b) A GO Activities gift voucher. This is an ideal (and the better) choice. Simply click, buy and print the voucher. Jam it in a card, or make one (mums love DIY gifts) and then you are good to go.

So what do GO Activities offer the Mums of the UK?

Treat mum to a bit of R and R this Mothers day with GO Activities!

Well, everything! Read on, kind son’s and daughters!

Knitting Classes

We have a course that can show mums how to knit a bag. Applying sequins and handles in the beauty of the Peak District you will be giving her a skill that can run to the future. So when your mum is the next Lulu Guiness (aka Top Bag Designer, to the uninformed) you can say ‘I had a part in that!’

Cost: £109 per Mum

See our ‘Bag Knitting’ Class here

Guided Walks

How about a guided walk as well? We have plenty of guided walks in the UK, but one we think most mums will love are the walks around Hadrian’s Wall.
The wall is very long indeed, but a great path to take starts from Newcastle, where you can even treat your mum to a nice night out or hotel the day before.

Cost: From just £15

See All Hadrian’s Wall Trips Here
A hotel trip away

What mum wouldn’t like a relaxing break with (or away from) her other half? GO Activities sells a range of accommodation so you can book her in to a local tavern, a faraway castle, an inn, a B and B…The list goes on!

Search for accommodation from the tab on the homepage

Cost: From around £25

A spa day

An oldie but a classic. We offer a variety of spa days, so you can choose between the full shebang (massages, facials and more) or just a simple mani/pedi. A brilliant relaxing day for any mum, a spa day is always a well received gift!

See our spa days here

Cost: From £54.99

There you have it. A few great ideas for your Mum, and all delivered into your email in minutes. Brilliant.