Those Summer Nights – 5 Ways to Spend Them

Summer nights. (Oh well oh well oh well oh well oh..Ooh!) Sorry. Grease references are all over, we promise. As the clocks are ‘springing forward’ as opposed to ‘fall-ing backwards’ (top tip for remembering) you miss out on the morning lie in but you do get a lighter, longer evening. Here’s how to make the most of those longer nights. 

You might rush from work and consider a nice refreshing beverage, but hold off and do something first. You might even find your pockets are heavier with some cheaper, more memorable experiences out of the pub.

1. Star gazing. Get settled near your highest point (sorry, Norfolk) and grab a bottle and a picnic. Wait for the sun to set and then spot the constellations. Take a book with you so you have some to guide you as you look and enjoy the evening in a peaceful serenity under the stars! (Men, this is also an ideal way to propose. Just sayin’.)

2. A guided walk. Many of the companies we work with do evening walks so you can explore the hills in the darkness in safety. A trained instructor who knows the route can show you where to walk and some great sights. A brilliant way to spend an evening.

3. Go climbing. If you don’t know how, get a beginners lesson. They will show you how to attach yourself safely and how to climb up and descend, building your confidence. If you are already a climber, and advanced course could teach you how to lead climb, or recue climbing skills.

4. Take a flight. Be it a hot air balloon, or the cheaper and just as fun microlighting, a trip into the skies is something worth booking for those longer, lighter evenings!

5. Go biking. A dusky mountain bike ride is peaceful, but will still rev you up with those downhill, screamingly fast descents! Get a guided MTB lesson to show you extra skills your parents never taught you- or go it alone or with the family for a feeling of ‘time well spent’.

Abandon the TV and think outside the box as the clocks go forward, you won’t regret it! Have you had any memorable nights away from the TV in the great outdoors? Image