Wisdom Wednesday on Camping

Last week’s Wisdom Wednesday focused on asking our expert Via Facebook and Twitter all about Camping.

Here are all the questions and answers!
BjRacingTeam on Twitter- What is the best way of removing mud from a poly cotton tent? (outwell indian lake teepee)

GO Activities – Wait for a sunny day, pitch the tent and clean it with warm water and a big sponge, use Fabsil or Nikwax Tech Wash for stains etc, wash it downwards so cleaning product doesn’t stay in the fabric, then rinse with clean water, then leave it to dry in the sun, then re-proof it!

BjRacingTeam on Twitter -What are the best tent pegs for muddy conditions?

GO Activities- This Ripple Angle Peg or these Power Pegs are better for mud, there are no ‘perfect’ pegs for mud though so just get the best you can afford and come prepared!
NellBridges on Twitter  “Is there a list of campsites with disabled facilities? And details?”

GO Activities – I recommend using the facilities section on Camping Ninja or here on UK campsite. 
 Talodi on Twitter  When camping in Europe what are my essentials? 

GO Activities-  Over and above what you would usually take camping I would recommend a 12v pin adaptor, and for your gas stove take more gas than usual or invest in a multi fuel stove like the MSR as screw in gas bottles can be difficult to find.  – Here is a book for the best campsites in Europe too which could be handy! If you are planning to wild camp there is a guardian article that is very handy. Also- in Northern Europe don’t forget to watch out for Tics which carry Lime’s disease. Red rings around a bite indicate a stop at the doctor should be immediate!”

PurpleMadboy via Twitter -What should I pack for the WHW (West Highland Way)?

GO Activities – Lightweight is key! First off we would suggest a 50+15 rucksack for the week (this route should take a week or so.)
Stock up on extra food en route but pack plenty of emergency rations (dehydrated food just in case) – utensils, and all the right clothes for the climate and time you are going.

Take good boots obviously, Something like a Scarpa SL , and a sleep mat for the evenings.

Don’t over pack, so go for clothes, double up on socks and buy good quality ones that are thick enough for comfort. Boots, cooking gear, sleeping gear ( depends on time of year but make sure you pack the right season sleeping bag) and emergency items as well.
We sell this activity so for a full kit list go here!

This is our most popular itinerary as it fits in perfectly to a weeks holiday in the WHW.

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